Elegance and prestige, added to the research of beauty,
create the magical Esedra collections


1,06 X 10,5 M

Acquazzurra is a collection designed to bring into your home the uniquely renowned beauty that only Cinque Terre in the region of Liguria can offer.
Within this collection you will find a vista, the essence of Manarola with the characteristics of a real painting of Ligurian landscapes; the first design faithfully reproduces the village houses which overlook the sea. A matching plain has been added to represent the movement of the sea splashing over the rocks and thanks to the hand finishing when making the print cylinder, you will even perceive the saltiness.
The second design reproduces the elegance and freshness you would experience when walking in this region; the reflection of flowers on the seascape will bring to your walls the style of this evocative place.
To complete this work of art, we present a design taken from the ropes of fishermen which has been individually refined, thanks to the textile plain.
Because of the Cinque Terre heritage of UNESCO and its beauty, with the excellence of Made in Italy we present the Acquazzurra collection and thanks to the walls of your home, you can travel every day to the most beautiful villages in the world.


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